The Advent Of Telehealth

Jeremy Cox | 2020-09-30 | 7 min read

The growing comfort of consumers with telehealth alongside the growing demands of a public health emergency have helped increase virtual visits to extend support for a wide variety of specialties.

Telehealth is not simply just for urgent care, many connections can be surprising.

A report published by Doximity, a network for medical professionals, highlighted that the practice of endocrinology, gastroenterology, and rheumatology are among the top clinician users making use of telehealth in the modern age. The report states there is a “clear overlap” between those and specialists increasing use of telehealth for patients whom have ongoing needs.

Dr. Peter Alperin, Vice President of Product for Doximity, told mHealth Intelligece, “The pandemic has essentially required each specialty to rethink how they conduct appointments.” Further noted in the report are video visits offering particular benefit for patients with mobility or transportation issues, who are deemed high-risk.

And many others are interested: an Accenture release reported that 60% of people using telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic wish to continue doing so.

The report reflects data from a study of cardiology, oncology, and immunology across patients in 6 countries including the U.S.A, and also revealed 9 in 10 patients reported the received quality of care was just as good, or better, than in-person visits.

Using data-driven design and enhanced screening protocols, healthcare facilities are reimagining their interiors; there is little doubt video conferencing tools will be an integral part of this trend.

Rand, the global think tank, noted that over time some organizations could be interested in a hybrid model, giving patients and practitioners flexibility using telehealth when needed.

Geisinger’s Center for Telehealth director, Tejal Raichura, stated, “For an appointment where a physical exam isn’t necessary, it really is a great option.” Geinsinger grew the number of specialties providing virtual care by 300%, and they plan to keep it that way. Its virtual care roster support over 70 specialties.

There are many new, evolving ways telehealth is meeting the needs of patients, low- and high-risk alike.

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